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BS NFL Preview Podcast: Arizona Cardinals Vs. San Diego Chargers In Super Bowl 50 Plus Some Penn State Talk

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CLICK BAIT! See, this is what happens when you are tired of everyone picking the NE Patriots (even though they will probably be there again) and don’t want to jinx you’re Philadelphia Eagles by being a super homer. You try and keep things fresh. Keep people on their toes. Plus, as I explain in the podcast, it’s a win-win not choosing the Eagles to be in the SB. If they don’t get there then I look like I know what I’m talking about (Spoiler Alert: I don’t). But if they do get there then, fuck it, the Eagles are in the Super Bowl and I don’t care about predictions, family, or life at that point. We also go into detail about the best odds to bet this year for the NFL. Andrew Porter from 94.1 WIP and CBS Sports Philly joins us to share his astute knowledge of the game and, being the founder of the former PSU/Philly blog – The School Philly, shares his ballwashing of Penn State. Give him a follow @And_Porter on Twitter. Enjoy.