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Clemson Defensive Coordinator: "I Like People Who Like To Rip People's Face Off"

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TigerNet - Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables spoke with the media on Tuesday afternoon and had the following to say about the type of defender he looks for.

“I’m not a big swagger guy,” Venables said. “I like people who like to rip people’s faces off. So, if you want to call that swagger. I’ve seen too many guys swagger without the play behind it. So beating their chest and making some ordinary basic fundamental play that I could get a circus monkey to do.”

And that my friends is how you officially determine a sleeper team for the year. Already named the ACC preseason favorite. Already have DeShaun Watson back. Already have 2 awesome receivers and solid running back. What we didn’t already know? Their defensive coordinator is a god damn maniac who encourages his players to rip faces off. Savage. Doesn’t matter if you lost your defensive front and Vic Beasley, with a DC like Brent Venables you can stick 4 foreign exchange students in there and coach em up to hold the line.

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