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The Only Place To Drink Unlimited Beer This Weekend in DC Is the "Drink The World" Beer Festival At Constitution Hall...Save A Shit Ton On Tickets With The Code "BARSTOOLFC"

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Friday and Saturday is DC’s biggest international beer festival DC has to offer. Beers from all over the globe, and the best part is, it’s unlimited sampling. None of that 5 tickets bullshit some beerfests do. UNLIMITED! And you can save $25 per ticket using the code “BARSTOOLFC”.


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It is without a doubt the cheapest and most fun way to get drunk on Friday night, day drink on Saturday, and/or get drunk on Saturday night. Plus it’s a historic concert venue so you can basically say you shared the stage with people like Bob Dylan and Chris Rock.


Beer Festival Includes:

Three or four hours of unlimited beer tastings from around the world
Exclusive full pours stations
Live music, surprise entertainment, and heated beer garden
Drink the World souvenir tasting glass
Drink the World exclusive interactive passport and map
Complimentary photo booth, raffle, and contests
Delicious international cuisine
Historic indoor venue (DAR Constitution Hall)
Thousands of your closest friends to Drink the World with!


I’ve heard from a lot of people who are trying to convince their friends to go, and it will be a good time, guaranteed. I met a bunch of stoolies at the summer beer festival and this is guaranteed to be just as awesome, complete with DJs and bands.

Buy your tickets HERE with the code BARSTOOLFC and save a ton of money because I love you and wanted stoolies to be able to buy the cheapest tickets possible.