Everyone Can Stop Stressing, No Deflategat Decision Coming Today






Look, Berman. What the fuck man. Yesterday we get “probably tomorrow, or the next day.” Now we’re getting “by the end of the week”? Get it together, man. You already know what you’re going to rule. You’ve probably known for two weeks. Just tell us. You’ve got all over New England’s guys in a knot. We all feel like we’re all on trial here, awaiting a judge’s decision. From Rhode Island to the tip of Maine we’re all in a William Wallace like “HOLLLLLLLD” at the moment and we’re itching to be released. Are we gonna attack? Or are we gonna celebrate? JUST TELL US. I’m over here drinking stress reducing drinks (seriously) and pacing for hours. I need to know one way or another but make sure it’s the way I want it.



PS – I’m watching Felger and Mazz waiting for the news and Felger really needs to not be an idiot anymore. I’m not even talking about his stance on the Pats or JBJ, I’m talking about the fact that he was BAFFLED they had this announcement 10 minutes after it was released. Legit asked if they were the first to report it. Bro you were like 7 minutes after the last reporter to tweet it. It was legit old news. Learn how Twitter works, you’re not old enough to not get it. It’s funny with  Francesca cuz he’s old, you’re not. These are things you have to understand.