Here's Demarco Murray Playing "Fantasy Games" In A Completey Cheeseball Corporate Promotion

I mean, I know this is a corporate BS PC advertisement, but really? You’ve got one of the biggest stars in the NFL who can actually deliver on camera and a pretty funny dude from Parks & Rec. At least do something more creative than this waste of time. Nick Foles crashing fantasy drafts last year was just as awkward, but dammit, at least it was an attempt to be creative. And I swear to shit, Courtyard Hotels, if Demarco’s forearm muscles ripped apart from that stupid mouse clicking game or one of those broken pencils nipped his jugular all of your spots in the tri-state area would burn to the ground. Guaranteed.

Actual, real life regular season football can’t start soon enough. Tired of talking about these happy crap puff pieces. Need me some blood in the water.