I Had An Anxiety Attack Watching These Guys Free Solo (Climb Without Ropes) Up A Mountain And Then BASE Jump Down


Epic TV - David Fusté and Turko Ortiz are two very strong rock climbers with a dream: to push the limits of hard route climbing without ropes. But don’t call them free-soloists. No, they are practitioners of a new sort of climbing they like to call deep void soloing or psico BASE. In essence, deep void soloing is route climbing in which your protection isn’t ropes, bolts, or cams, it’s a BASE parachute. Climbers like Dean Potter have been experimenting with parachutes for years, but these two Spaniards are taking it to new levels. In this episode they head to Monte Brento, in Italy, home to a huge, overhung cliff that is a favorite spot for BASE jumpers but less recognized in the climbing world. Until now. There’s A Fine Line Between Fun And Terrifying – These Guys Just Jumped Off It

I seriously fucking love videos likes these. I can’t get enough. They give me extreme anxiety every single time but they are so great. These guys are out of their minds but at the same time so good at what they do it’s remarkable. I’ve blogged about another guy who free solos before and just rewatched it, it’s truly amazing. He didn’t have a parachute or ropes, just balls the size of my head (and he’s still able to climb a mountain.).