New Show On IFC "Benders" Is Going To Be A Must Watch For Beer League Players Everywhere

A couple weeks ago I accidentally found myself on IFC. I guess that’s what happens on Monday nights in the summer when the only sports you have to watch are the shitstain Philadelphia Phillies. But while I was watching whatever movie was on IFC, on came this promo for a new show called “Benders” which just follows a group of dudes around while they continue to pretend to live the dream while getting wayyyy too in to their beer league hockey team. And now that we’re just 1 month out from the pilot episode, it’s time to get the hype train rolling because this show looks like it’s going to be a must watch for anyone who has ever laced up the skates in beer league before (that coupled with the fact that I don’t have anything else to blog about today).

Chances are this show is going to be just okay but all of us who still play in a beer league are going to go crazy over it because it’s basically about our lives. I probably take my beer league team more seriously than I took any team I ever played on growing up (might explain why I never had a shot of doing anything with hockey). Does it sometimes suck that I’m a 23-year-old who pays to play for a couple hours per week while there are 18-year-olds out there getting paid millions of dollars to play the same game? Yeah, maybe. But don’t try telling me that beer league doesn’t mean shit while I’m out there playing because I’d give my left nut up for the team. And I think that anyone who plays on a beer league team feels the same way. The shit talking is high, the beer is flowing, the talent is low, and don’t even think about trying to get guys to change on the fly. Which is perfect because it gives you ample time to shoot the shit on the bench talking about whose fucking who and plans for the weekend. We are all benders out there, and go suck a dick, ref.

While we’re on the topic of beer league hockey, here’s one of the filthiest goals in beer league history.