The Author Of James Bond Says That Idris Elba Is "Too Street" To Play 007

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LONDON He’s long been thought an ideal candidate for the role of James Bond, but Idris Elba is apparently “too street” for the part. That’s the verdict from Anthony Horowitz, the author of the latest book in the Bond series, Trigger Mortis. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Horowitz, who has the Alex Rider spy novels to his name as well as numerous TV credits, added that Elba was “a bit too rough to play the part.” “Idris Elba is a terrific actor, but I can think of other black actors who would do it better,” he said, suggesting Adrian Lester as an alternative.



Big move by Anthony Horowitz here. Nah that black guy can’t play Bond because that black guy is way too black. Wait, excuse me, did I say too black? I meant too street. James Bond is elegant and suave, he couldn’t possibly be played by the suavest black dude in history. Bond is known for wearing fancy suits and Idris Elba is only the best suit wearer on planet earth at the moment. I simply can’t fathom him pulling it off. The fictional character James Bond was written to be a fictional white man who drives fictional cars and uses fictional weapons to defeat fictional villains who are carrying out fictional super crimes that will destroy the world. And people actually want to make him a black guy? No. No, no, no. Not on my watch. That would make the whole thing far too unbelievable.



I will give Horowitz credit though, savvy move recommending a different black guy to cover up your racism. Even though that other dude hasn’t acted in anything of note in his entire life so you know he has less than a 0% chance to get the part of James Bond. But yeah, he’s a far better choice than Idris Elba.