Update On The Kardashian Arms Race, Kylie Letting The World Know She's Not Pregnant With A Simple Snapchat


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It’s all so simple, don’t you see? First you have Kylie getting love on social media, everyone talking about her being the up and coming Kardashian, the prospect looking to take someone’s job because she’s figured out AAA pitching. So Kim responded with this over the weekend.


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Hey look, TITS! Only problem is Kim forgot that not every picture is a top only cropped/photoshopped picture of tits and this also happened over the weekend, which I can’t blame her for, she’s pregnant, but it still happened and there is still that 18 year old prospect looking for a spot on the big league roster.


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So here is where we land. The counterpunch. Kylie not even having to try, just posting a simple “I’m not pregnant and married” picture for the whole world to see. Still not sure where Khloe and Kris jump in here but I’m also not ruling out a mother/daughter threesome. You don’t get into a Kardashian arms race and keep your dignity, that’s rule 1 of Kardashian arms race. When all this is said and done, someone’s making a sex tape, now we just wait and see who that person is.


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Also I’m not ruling out that this entire thing is nothing more than fame whores being fame whores and I’m slowly becoming Charlie Kelly searching for Pepe Silvia. Whatever, let’s enjoy the narrative. There is no Carol in HR!