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BOOK IT: Eagles Are Now 10/1 Odds To Win The SB - Pats 11/1, Cowboys 17/1


via vegasinsider

ALL ABOARD THE CHIP SHIP. Let’s not overlook this – Four teams still have better odds to win it all and, you know, there hasn’t been a freaking regular season snap yet. But still, when Vegas comes out firing they do so for a reason. The entire country is looking to break their shit hopping on this Birds Bandwagon. And how can you not? They’ve outright eviscerated the starters for all three playoff squads they’ve played so far. The three-headed backfield is more intimidating than Cerberus in his prime. The defense and special teams are playing ANGRY. And most importantly, unless he gets pushed a off the bandwagon and all the king’s men needs to put Humpty-Bradford back together again, Sam Bradford looks damn scary in this offense. 10/1 may be a steal by the time it’s all said and done (easily not but whatever, time to dream).

Rounding out the rest of the NFC East – NY Giants are 65/1 while Washington sits at 125/1.

The pieces are starting to fit together in the puzzle…KNOCK KNOCK.