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Bears First Round Of Roster Cuts, Injuries, And Other Notes


Alright, so here’s the deal. I went to a wedding on Saturday, and since I’m an idiot and forgot to record the game I won’t be able to give as much of an in depth breakdown as I did last week. I did however see the first quarter and a half and judging off of that maybe I should be happy I didn’t see that atrocity. Regardless, this blog will be more of a “my thoughts” type of deal rather than a closer look which I apologize for. Lets get into it:

First and foremost: We have ZERO Wide Receivers

Zip, nada, bagel, nothing. I don’t know what the hell is going on but seeing a team take the field with Josh Bellamy and Rashad Lawrence is pretty damn depressing. I’m not going to go in on the Bears like a lot of the media has about keeping injuries under wraps, but I will say that I don’t trust any future time table they set after that whole Kevin White experience. I’m still very eager to see the Marquess Wilson experiment come to a conclusion though so hopefully his hamstring heals up sooner than later.

Losing Ryan Mundy hurts

Through all the disgustingness we saw last year on D, I didn’t think that Ryan Mundy played all that bad. Aside from getting absolutely pummeled by Gronkowski (which was a scheme fault brought to you by none other than Mel Tucker) he was a breath of fresh air playing alongside Conte, because he’s a guy who’s not afraid whack. As it stands the Bears seem to be OK at strong safety with Rolle, but losing Mundy makes our depth take a big hit.

So Long Timmy

The Bears announced yesterday that the two time Pro Bowler will be released. I was a little surprised but I wouldn’t say I was shocked. On one end I thought he was safe just based off of the guaranteed money he’s owed this year (though if he is picked up by another team the Bears are going to be compensated for this in some way) on the other end he was pretty bad last year, and still seems to be a little banged up from surgery. All in all though, Tim Jennings was a good Bear who’s turnovers brought us a lot of excitement in the Lovie era and he should land on his feet somewhere. Credit to the front office on not be afraid to pull the plug on him though.

-Aside from Jennings there were no other big names on the first cut list. The other most noticeable one was Al Louis-Jean who did see some time last year but wasn’t all that impressive.

-Shea McClellin got absolutely torched in the passing game on Saturday. Maybe Rise Shea Rise isn’t in the cards after all?

-Terrance Mitchell has been all over the damn place and if there’s anyone who’s shown that they wanted to be on this team more than him please show him to me.

-Houston looked solid again and I’m officially a believer that going back to a 3-4 defense is going to result in a big resurrection year.

Bear Down.