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Jonathan Kraft Denies Apologizing To Chris Mortensen on 98.5

So Jonathan Kraft did not apologize to Chris Mortensen nor does he think he has to. Well that settles that. Chris Mortensen is a liar. The bigger issue which I’ve said from the beginning is that if Mort had half a brain and just admitted that he was lied to and fucked up he wouldn’t be part of this story. Instead he keeps saying he stands by his reporting even when he freaking deleted the original tweet about PSI’s. That’s what’s makes Mort such a fucking fraud. Even Peter King admitted he was used. Not Mort though. Just keeps whistling dixie like he was right all along. Keeps saying it’s sunny and 85 when it’s a tornado outside. It’s Bananaland. BRO THE ENTIRE WORLD KNOWS YOU ARE FULL OF SHIT! WAKE UP!