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Get A Load Of This Guy Who Hasn't Watched 1 Single Blackhawks Game This Year Because He's Still Mad At Gary Bettman


(Source) During the second period of the Blackhawks‘ 3-2 victory Wednesday night over the Avalanche at the United Center, my phone buzzed. “Hawks on their way to 24 straight unbeaten?” the text from fan Steven Schucker read. Schucker wasn’t the only person in Chicago who didn’t know the score of the Blackhawks game. But he might have been the only person in Chicago who intentionally didn’t know the score of the Blackhawks game. He didn’t give up hockey for Lent. He gave it up for 2013. “I picked the wrong year not to watch the Hawks,” Schucker acknowledged Thursday.

A 27-year-old graduate of Columbia College, Schucker had my number because I reached out to discuss him carrying out his decision to actively avoid all things Hawks in protest of the NHL lockout he blamed on Commissioner Gary Bettman. It was during the league’s 119-day work stoppage when Schucker vowed to pay no attention to the Hawks if the season was saved. That meant no viewing or attending games.

“You have an NHL commissioner who doesn’t care about his sport and it got to the point it just turned me off hockey,” Schucker said Thursday. “I can’t support watching a sport run by someone like that. I love the Hawks. My issue is with the principle of what’s going on with the sport. It would be easy for me to drop my gloves and say, ‘OK, I’ll go back and watch.’ But I’m a man who believes in standing by my principle, tough as it is to do this year.”

“I respect and understand the logic of criticizing me and why people say, ‘You’re not a fan if you’re not watching the Hawks,”’ Schucker said. “I’m not one who likes to be considered fair-weather. If I’m committed to something, I’m committed. When I say I’m going to do something, I do it. This is one of those things.”


I was this close to defending Steven Shucker. THIS close. I really was. I’m a man who loves a good boycott. If I’ve been wronged or slighted I hold a grudge FOREVER. I have boycotts against bars. Boycotts against restaurants. Boycotts against Comcast. And obviously I’m not some delusional asshole that thinks my boycott against a Cable company will effect that Cable company in any way shape or form, but sometimes a man reaches a point where he has to stand up for himself. A point where he can’t stomach handing a single dollar over to a company or person that has wronged him. So I get all that. And I was on board. Right up until I read this…


“Friends say this fits the independent-minded personality of a guy who responded to the 2011 NBA lockout by boycotting televised pro basketball except Bulls games. He once went to high school with half his face unshaven for effect. After six years with a flip-phone, he only recently upgraded to a smart-phone. A conformist, he isn’t”.


Fuck. This. Guy. Boycotting smart phones? Looking like a mongoloid with a half shaven face? No. This isn’t about a Blackhawks Boycott or the NHL this about Steven Shucker being an asshole that always has to be different. I guarantee steven would walk around town telling everyone with two ears that he doesn’t own an I-Phone. Well guess what Steve, people like you are the worst. People who grew up thinking they would be something special. That they were unique because mom and dad said they could be anything. Only to realize one day that they are exactly like the rest of us, utterly average. But instead of accepting that fate and joining the masses, they pick small things to make them “different”. Its the guy who doesn’t have a television, or the guy who refuses to join Facebook, or the guy who says Seinfeld wasn’t funny. That guy is an asshole. Just watch the Blackhawks dude. When you’re 80 years old and dying you’re not going to say to yourself, wow, I’m so happy I skipped going to the bar with my friends all those times to watch an awesome Hockey team on a historic run. No, in reality you’re going to wake up and say, I was a dickhead for literally no reason whatsoever.