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So Just A Quick Summary Of The Bears Season Thus Far, All Our WR's Are Dead, Jeremiah Ratliff Is Suspended And Our Madden Video Game Players Are Sucking Each Other's Dick

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I know Spags blogged this yesterday but it needs to be blogged here. Just perfect start to the 2015 Chicago Bears season. I’m trying to stay level headed, I’m trying to stay calm. I know we’re going to suck and that the Defense is brand new and there are talent gaps all over the roster but I would like to just live in peace until Week 1, before we get back to being the laughing stock of the NFL. But nope, not possible. Kevin White, our first round draft pick? Gone for the season. Every other Wide Receiver? Basically dead.


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Not to mention the Bears now just straight up lie about injuries. Alshon Jeffery has been day to day for the past 2 weeks. For all we know he’s out for the year as well. That’s a joke, but not really. Oh and our Defense? Well besides the fact that the worst defense in the league has decided Shea McClellin is now going to be the key to our success, our best player Jeremiah Ratliff on the D-Line is suspended for the first 3 weeks, only Green Bay, Arizona and Seattle, nbd. So yeah, when I see that we can’t even get through Madden release day without our players skull fucking each other on the field in some random video game glitch, I start to lose my mind a little. Going to be a long season boys, looooooong season. Now do me a favor and cue the music.