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Mike Richards Charged With Illegal Possession Of A Controlled Substance, Should Have Had A Fall Guy


TSN – Former Los Angles Kings forward Mike Richards has been charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance, the RCMP announced Thursday morning. Richards was charged on Aug. 25, two sources told TSN. He has not yet entered a plea. Richards has a court hearing on Sept. 10…

…Canadian border guards found “some pills in a single bottle” during a random search of Richards’ car and he was arrested by RCMP, a source told TSN. “It was clearly a small quantity intended for his personal use,” the source told TSN.

This entire Mike Richards saga has been one of the bigger cluster fucks this NHL offseason so let’s take a step back real quick to go through this point by point.

– Richie was arrested near the Canadian border on July 17th. No details of the arrest were made public but I don’t think there’s a single person in the world who didn’t assume it was something drug-related.


– The Los Angeles Kings then terminated Mike Richards’ contract due to a “material breach”. Richards had 5 more years left on his contract but the Kings were planning on buying that contract out this summer anyway. Now they’ve found a way to get around having to pay for that buyout and just cut ties completely with Richie for free.


– Richards and the NHLPA filed a grievance against the Kings because when the fuck have you ever heard of a player just getting his contract terminated like that? No chance in hell could the Kings get away with something like this. Especially if Richards wasn’t even charged with anything….

– Richards was charged with illegal possession of a controlled substance on August 25 and now he and the NHLPA will be fighting an uphill battle. Especially impending on how Richards’ court hearing goes on September 10th.

So yeah, maybe Chris Carter needs to be speaking to NHL players as well because here’s a perfect example of why Mike Richards should have gotten himself a fall guy. If he just had one of his boys carrying those pills for him, he still has millions and millions of dollars coming his way to not play for the next 5 seasons. Same thing kinda applies for Jarrett Stoll here. I mean, this is still a pretty lowlife rat bastard scumbag move from the LA Kings. But Richards is a guy who has gotten his 2nd and 3rd chances already. He kept saying he would clean up his act, the Kings kept him around for longer than they probably already wanted to, and here he is trying to cross the border with a bottle full of pills. At this point Dean Lombardi just has to say “fool me once, shame on, shame on you. Fool me… well you can’t get fooled again”.

No hearing date has been set yet for the NHL and NHLPA’s Richards grievance. But this certainly isn’t going to help Richie’s case at all.

Can’t wait for that asshole Slava Voynov to get out of jail and still have a job with the Kings.