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LSU Frat Bro Gets Domed By Beer Bottle During Bid Day Celebrations, Looks Like A Scene From A Horror Movie

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LSUViolence erupted Monday night when a fraternity member was hit over the head with a beer bottle while celebrating LSU fraternity bids.

Construction management student and Alpha Gamma Rho brother Brandon Roy was assaulted on the unofficial boys’ bid night — a much-anticipated LSU Greek tradition commonly accompanied by fights and drunken stupor.

Though fraternity members received their official bids Sunday, many celebrate at bars Monday.

Tuesday, the LSU Greek community circulated photos of Roy ­­— arms limp at his sides, turning the crisp white sheets of an emergency room crimson as his blood flooded the tiled floor.

“It’s boys being boys,” Roy said.

Roy hopes to return to campus Wednesday but is determined to not let the social media rumble surrounding his injury shake him.
“I’m not really letting it bother me,” Roy said.

“It’s just boys being boys.” LOVE IT. And here I was thinking all of America’s colleges were completely pussified from top to bottom. Should have known better, should have known there were still real men like Brandon Roy out there who know boys are just gonna be boys. That bros are gonna bro out, shit is gonna get a little crazy, maybe somebody will take a beer bottle halfway through their skull and bleed out all over a hospital room like a scene from Hostel 3 or something. Don’t need the Fun Police and the Responsible Adults Brigade marching in and suspending and expelling everyone and shutting down Greek Life until 2245 because boys are doing boys shit.

Seriously though LSU bid night sounds like a blast.

Mass communication sophomore Drew White, a member of Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, said violence between fraternities happens on boys’ bid night.

“It just sucks because you’re out with your buddies looking for a good time and then fraternity rivalries get in the way and you see your pledge brothers just get beat senseless to the point where they’re unconscious,” White said.

White said his pledge brother was beat unconscious by bouncers and members of another fraternity on bid night after being asked to leave.

“I mean, I had buddies there was just blood everywhere it seemed like,” White said. “There were brawls breaking out like all over the place.”

So basically if you pledge a frat at LSU you have to wear riot gear out that night?

**NSFL warning**



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