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UGA Running Back Nick Chubb Has The Best Secret In College Football History To Never Getting Tired

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ATHENS, Ga.Seconds before the ball is snapped, Georgia Bulldogs running back Nick Chubb’s eyes are working overtime. He locks onto the opposing defensive lineman at the 3-technique — sometimes the 5 — anticipating his movements.

As soon as he touches the ball, he waits to see if the lineman will go in or out; his goal is to go opposite him. Next, he directs his body left or right, drawing the linemen and linebackers to the outside. Just when it looks as if he’s going to bounce out, Chubb pivots all of his 220 pounds and cuts toward the middle.

Usually, there’s a crease, and usually Chubb is off to the races.

For as powerful, fast and agile as Chubb is, it’s his vision that makes the super sophomore stand out and helped him burst onto the national scene last year with 1,547 yards and 14 touchdowns in just eight starts as a freshman.

And as long as his contacts are clear and secure, he’s nearly invincible.

“If they come out, I’m coming out,” Chubb said with a laugh.

“That’s definitely my weakness right there — my contacts [falling out].”

In back-to-back games, the freshman crossed the 30-carry mark, something Gurley never did at Georgia. Chubb’s stamina and toughness kept him mobile for most of the season, and even when he tired, his mental fortitude kept him on the field and off the sidelines.

“I was tired almost every game, but I didn’t really show it,” Chubb said.

“If you’re tired, just go in and score and get off the field. That’s my mode, I just go in and score and get off the field, and I won’t be tired anymore.”

Nick Chubb doesn’t get tired. And if he does, he just scores more touchdowns. It’s that simple. Not sure why nobody else has thought of that before? If you want to get off the field, run for a touchdown so you can go sit on the bench and not be tired anymore. Genius.

Why do I get the feeling this kid is about to be the superstar of the 2015 CFB season?

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PS – Remember when Gurley got hurt and everyone was like ohh noooo what do we do now and Chubb was like I got this.

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