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Jimmy Smith Had Season-Ending Foot Surgery Today And Now It's Time To Panic


Jimmy Smith





This is not a false alarm. Jimmy Smith is out for the year which means it could be curtains for the 2014 Baltimore Ravens. He was the glue that kept this secondary together. Improved over the past year by leaps and bounds. Top 5 corner in the league and that’s not even up for discussion. And now he’s done for the year. Lardarius Webb isn’t the guy he once was. In fact, he’s been turrible this season. Now he’s CB1 and it’s looking like Danny Gorrer, who Detroit released last week, might be CB2. We just cut Chykie Brown and Dominique Franks. Who’s left?!? It’s a disaster area back there. That scrub Mettenberger might throw for 600 yards against this week. While this team always overcomes everything and wins, the secondary is so shot it might officially be time to panic.