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The O's Wheels Are Wobbling

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What the hell is going on? O’s started a 10 game home stand with five wins in six games, then just completely collapsed. Swept by the Twins at home, and now have dropped the first two to Kansas City. Losers of 6 straight now, their longest losing streak since September 2013 when Manny shredded his knee up. Not an ideal time to have a season high losing streak.

Looks like they’re mentally drained, almost looks like a team at the beginning of Spring Training. Not scoring runs anymore, not getting hits, guys pressing too much at the plate, pitchers can’t get that third out, can’t make the strikeout pitch with 2 strikes, starters aren’t going deep, key guys in the pen giving up runs, and stupid errors in the field. 25-38 on the road, 17-23 in one run games, and they can’t beat teams above .500. Against teams with a winning record, the O’s are 18-40. It seems like an impossible task to make the playoffs with numbers like that.

It’s a mini miracle that despite how bad the Orioles have been playing, they are still a series win and some some help from others away from the second wild card spot. They’re 8 games back of the first place Blue Jays, but somehow only 2.5 games back in the Wild Card race. Schedule doesn’t get any easier, after they finish in Kansas City, they head to Texas, a smoking hot team that has won 9 out of 12.

Buck and the players won’t quit on this team, that is a fact. I loved Manny’s comments from the other day, and he’s right. Shit isn’t going their way, but they have to keep their heads up. No excuses for how they’re playing, they have to sack up and play like we know they can. Jones said it best too, they aren’t little kids, you don’t need to yell at them to get them motivated, they are the best in the world. They know what they have to do to get back to where they want to be. Just have to hope it’s not too late for that.

The wheels are wobbling, but 2.5 out of the Wild Card isn’t a huge hill to climb. Things could easily change after this road trip wraps up. Everything will become much more clear by the start of next week. Hopefully we are still discussing playoff scenarios for the O’s and not figuring out where Jones, Manny, and Buck will be golfing in October.

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