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Curt Schilling Coming Out Firing With His Take On Muslims And Nazis

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Whooaaaaaa mama! That’s how you tweet right there, Curt. Drop truth bombs all over people (I have no idea if any of those numbers are true, but they’re on a picture that’s on the internet so who am I to disagree). That’s why you gotta love Curt though. He thinks something he’s gonna speak his mind. Doesn’t matter if it’s insane or racist or what, Schill shoots from this hip. You want your baseball guys to just focus on baseball and advanced stats? Fine, to each his own. Personally I like my analysts to sprinkle in some genocide, bigotry and eugenics talks every now and again. Baseball can be slow and boring, need a wild card to spice it up every once in a while.



PS – Somehow Schilling has always avoided firing and his Twitter feed is always fucking INSANE. It’s like the ramblings of a drunk, racist uncle’s drunker and more racist friend. But this one has to be the one to do him in I think.