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Sting Returned To WWE Last Night And Will Have His First Ever WWE Title Shot Next Month

Big night of surprises last night. That 9 foot, 500 pound guy joined the Wyatt family, John Cena beat up Jon Stewart, and the Dudleys returned after 10 years. Then the final surprise of the night- Sting returned.

There was a ton of buildup to who would be behind that curtain. We all knew it wouldn’t be a statue of Seth Rollins like it was supposed to be, but who was going to be behind it was a mystery. Was HHH going to turn on Rollins and help Sheamus cash in the MITB contract? Maybe it would be a statue of HHH himself and he’d turn on Rollins? Maybe it’d be an up and comer that they decided to push? It was none of the above, it was Sting.

At first I marked out because it’s Sting, it’s impossible not to. But the more I thought about it, the more I don’t like it. There is so much young talent, but they are doing the thing they always do where old part-timers leap frog the young talent into the main event. The Rock, Lesnar, Undertaker, and now Sting. But the bigger problem here is the writing is so choppy there isn’t a single legit face who is worthy of a title shot. Everyone is stuck in mid-card purgatory. Cesaro looked ready for a main event run, and then lost at SummerSlam. Owens is a heel, but he lost 2 of 3 to Cena. Ziggler is just a guy. Ryback already has a title. Ambrose is stuck in a year long feud with the Wyatts. Neville doesn’t have the credibility yet. There’s legitimately nobody besides Roman Reigns who the WWE routinely books strongly. And if Reigns was behind that curtain the Brooklyn crowd would have burned Barclay’s to the ground.

And that’s the problem with WWE, as compared to NXT. At NXT Takeover, every match had a purpose. Every match had a story. They have patience and long-term visions down in NXT. In WWE, it’s a smash and grab type of plan. There’s no long-term plans. No story that makes sense and lasts for a year that gets you emotionally invested (you know, the way good television shows are written). If Rollins beats Sting, it improves his credibility. If Sting beats Rollins, it’s kind of cool that he holds the WWE Title I guess, but it doesn’t do it for me anymore.

When it comes down to it, I like the idea of Sting much more than I like Sting. They have so much young talent, they need to figure out how to utilize it. At SummerSlam, Seth Rollins was far and away the best wrestler. I’m expected to believe a balding 56 year old man with chipped facepaint is a challenge? That’s what gets on my nerves about WWE. Yes it’s cool, it’s fucking Sting vs Rollins. But if they gave me good story telling, they wouldn’t have to use the legends to get ratings. Give the people a good show, and viewers will follow. NXT just sold out Barclay’s. The model is right there. It’s time Raw followed it.