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Champion Hammer Thrower Gets Shitfaced And Pays For His Cab With His Brand New Gold Medal

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IndependentA champion hammer thrower reportedly paid for a taxi home with his gold medal after getting drunk during a night out celebrating his World Athletics Championships triumph. According to Chinese media outlet Tencent, Poland’s Pawel Fajdek woke up in Beijing the morning after his winning throw of 80.88 metres only to find he no longer had his precious gong. The worried 26-year-old, who was the youngest defending gold medallist at the Championships this year, immediately contacted police to report the loss. Officers reportedly set about helping him retrace his steps the night before and managed to trace the taxi driver – who told them Fajdek had willingly handed his medal over in payment. Presumably after persuasion from police, the taxi driver returned the missing medal. Polish journalists in Beijing to cover the championships reportedly confirmed that, having seen him at the restaurant, the athlete had “drunk a lot in the celebration party” to toast his success.

Now thats what I call getting hammered! I’ll see myself out.

Hey Pawel you ever heard of “No Backsies” bro? Not my fault you’re a dumb drunk idiot who paid for a taxi cab with a giant piece of gold. You want that medal back you can negotiate for it. Because that shit belongs to that Chinese cab driver now. Plain and simple. Big bad hammer thrower can toss heavy shit almost the length of a football field and cant even go out for a few drinks without trading in his thousand dollar gold medal. To be honest I dont know if I’d even go after that medal. If I woke up drunk and realized I lost that shit I think I’d just beat myself up and give up. I’d probably call the bar and ask if they had it and if they didnt that would be where I’d give up. Just like when you dont even bother going back for your credit card. Just cancel that shit and start over again. Cuncel the gold medal.

But I most certainly wouldnt give that medal back if I was a Chinese taxi driver. Think I’d give a fuck about some Polish Seth Rogen lookin hammer thrower? For sure not. Tell them that you kicked him out of your cab because he was shitfaced and never even saw any gold medal at all. Tough luck pal. Learn how to hold your liquor.