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Kentucky Teacher Gets Back From Africa And Is Asked To Take A 21 Day Leave To Make Sure She Doesn't Have Ebola, So She Quit

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NY Mag - A teacher at St. Margaret Mary Catholic School in Louisville, Kentucky, who recently returned from a medical mission trip to Africa has resigned rather than submitting to a paid 21-day leave and producing a doctor’s note that says she is in good health. The school’s request was a reaction to “strong parent concerns” about Susan Sherman exposing students to Ebola — though she was in Kenya, which is separated from the Ebola outbreak by at least five countries. Sherman, who is a registered nurse, has traveled to Kenya four times with her husband, Paul, a retired orthopedic surgeon. Last week Paul Sherman sent a letter to the Archdiocese of Louisville, complaining that the “unfounded fears” of some parents and staffers were “triumphing over truth and reason.” Sherman added that he and his wife had offered to hold an informational meeting about their work in Africa and how one goes about catching Ebola, but they “were put off until our ‘quarantine’ is over.”


Hey bitch, Africa is Africa. It’s one big country full of women walking with shit on their heads and starving people making clicking sounds. That’s Africa. So yea, I think a few parents are going to be worried when your holier than thou ass gets off the plane and immediately starts mingling with their kids. Hold the phone! Give yourself a second, or 21 days, just to make sure. It’s not asking for a lot. Nobody cares if you were in Kenya, what does that have to do with anything? Nobody knows where it is, probably near Iowa. The key word in all of this is “Africa”. Where Ebola flows like wine. So this big dummy quit instead of taking a paid 21 day vacation. Way to take a stand! Great job, you really proved them wrong as you file for unemployment. How embarrassed is she going to be when she actually has Ebola? Look- you white, you Ben Affleck, you go to Africa, you have the Ebola. It’s called science.

PS: Google image searching “Africa ebola” was not my brightest idea.