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Drunk Guys Watch The Opening Scene From Pixar's "Up" For The First Time And React Accordingly


No joke, the first 5-10 minutes of Up are absolutely ridiculous for a kid’s movie. I think we all reacted similarly to these guys when we first saw it. Looking around like oh come on, really?! Babies dying, dreams shattered, cancer happening, tears flying everywhere. Maybe the saddest scene in the history of cinema. Their reactions when she loses the baby were perfect. The one guy summed it up perfectly with his “WHY DOES THIS EXIST?” If I was drunk, I wouldn’t be able to comprehend why the cartoon I was watching was the most depressing thing ever created. And what’s up with Pixar and death scenes anyway? Finding Nemo, looking at you. And that big fucking evil teddy bear in Toy Story 3 might be the biggest villain in recent memory as well. Pixar has gotten really dark, really quick.