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Washington DC Voted To Legalize Weed, Allowing Residents To Have Up To 2 Ounces And Grow Up To Three Plants



WaPo - The District followed Colorado and Washington state into a closely watched experiment to legalize marijuana Tuesday, as voters overwhelmingly backed an initiative 7 to 3 allowing cannabis to be consumed and grown in the nation’s capital. The move to allow the drug almost certainly will take effect unless the next Congress blocks it. Under a voter-proposed measure, known as Initiative 71, residents and visitors age 21 and older will be allowed to legally possess as much as two ounces of marijuana and to grow up to three marijuana plants at home. Leading candidates for mayor and the D.C. Council have vowed to quickly sign the measure into law. A majority of the council also pledged that if approved by voters, they would submit follow-up legislation to Congress next year establishing a system to sell and tax the drug in the District. The twin measures will become law, as District bills do, unless Congress vetoes them and the president agrees that the local measures should be halted. That complex layer of federal oversight could thrust Congress — which on Tuesday flipped to Republican control — and President Obama into the middle of a rapidly evolving national debate.


Awful! Terrible! Noooooooooo! You’re telling me that now people in DC will be able to smoke a marijuana cigarette in the comfort of their own home and not go to jail for it? Disgusting! Let’s just think about this- residents of DC will be able to return to their homes after a long day of work, and instead of drinking 10 Miller Lites, they’ll be able to do the pots. Is that what we want? Say they then want to drive somewhere and they are high instead of blackout drunk. Sounds pretty safe to me…NOT.

Hopefully Congress stays woke and bans this law. Because as we all know, it’s perfectly reasonable that Congress can block laws voted on in DC, even though they are local laws and not federal and have literally nothing to do with Congress. So hopefully they block this dangerous law, since weed is still categorized as one of the most dangerous drugs, up there with heroin, far surpassing cocaine and meth. Do the right thing, our fearless elected representatives. The voters didn’t know what they were doing. #HugsNotDrugs