It's That Time Of Year, When Everyone Freaks Out And Wants To Ban Preseason Football Because A Star Player Got Hurt


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My favorite time of the year, the time when a star player gets injured in a Preseason game and everyone flips out and says that the NFL is evil and shouldn’t have 4 preseason games. Look, there are a LOT of things to get mad at the NFL for, like endless amounts of things, but this isn’t one of them. Injuries happen every single preseason. They also happen in OTA’s and training camp and Week 1 and Week 2 and Week 3 and so on and so forth. Here’s a crazy secret, football is a violent game and people get hurt, WOW! So what’s the alternative? Just throw everyone into live action in Week 1 and hope no one gets injured? Do people who bitch about the preseason and their favorite player getting injured realize that starters play less than a full game of preseason already? They play 1 drive in Game 1, they play 1 quarter in Game 2, they play 1 half in Game 3, and they don’t suit up for Game 4. The preseason is for fringe guys, guys looking to make an NFL Roster. You eliminate preseason or significantly shorten it and those guys get less of a chance to prove their worth. Jordy Nelson didn’t get hurt yesterday because there are 4 preseason games, he got hurt because he’s soft, just kidding, kind of. But seriously, no Packer fan can actually think this is because the preseason is too long right? Obviously I’m biased here and even though I don’t root for injuries I would be lying if I didn’t say Jordy Nelson going down didn’t put a little pep in my step, but even still, this has nothing to do with the length of the preseason. Players will get injured throughout the calendar year. It happens every single year without fail. If you want to complain that the NFL charges season ticket holders full price for preseason games, fine, I’ll accept that argument, but don’t get on your high horse and tell me an extra game or two where starters don’t even play is the reason your fantasy WR got hurt.




Speaking of fantasy, if you do your draft before Game 3 of preseason you’re a moron and deserve to have this shit happen. I never understood guys that do their drafts in early August. There are still 3 weeks before the season kicks off, why the fuck would you try to draft a team before everything is flushed out? Don’t cry to me when this happens, it’s your own fault for having shitty friends and a shitty league.




Now do me a favor and try to tell this guy he can’t have any more preseason football. Good luck.



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