Jon Stewart Interfered In The Seth Rollins vs John Cena Match and Turned Heel, Costing Cena The Championship

Full recap and thoughts later, but the big story coming out of SummerSlam was Jon Stewart’s heel turn, helping Seth Rollins retain the title and take Cena’s US Title.


I did not think the WWE was going to allow Jon Stewart change the course of a John Cena match, but that’s because I didn’t consider he would screw John Cena. It wouldn’t have made sense for the good guy John Cena to win by cheating over the heel Seth Rollins. When Stewart ran out last night with a chair I was like wow, they’re really going to do this? But Stewart’s heel turn actually worked for me. I didn’t expect it, and even if it’s a celebrity outside interference angle, it worked. And it might mean that he’s sticking around for a bit. If Stewart comes out on Raw and they’ve written a good reason for the attack, I’m all about it. If he’s just a 1 and done thing, then it’s pretty pointless and even more of an obvious grab at mainstream publicity. Which worked by the way. This story is everywhere. Jon Stewart’s heel turn is the biggest heel turn in recent history. I can’t even think of the last time I was so shocked by a heel turn…Rollins turning on Ambrose and Reigns I guess.

Complete thoughts on the rest of the show later. And I might blog about NXT too.