Hey Fake New Yorkers! How Bout Them Florida Panthers!

How about that hockey team from South Florida!! What a massive win for the boys last night, my God. Considering everything that was in my body last night (no diddy) my heart couldn’t take another overtime game. This series has been unbelievable to the point where I’m not even going to chirp the real New Yorkers. As much as I despise them and their city, I’ll always respect their passion for their team.

It’s the fake fucking New York rats that I grew up with in South Florida who wear a Rangers jersey to a playoff game despite not living a single day in New York City. These mother fuckers will go to 10-15 Panther games a year and root for the Panthers. Shit, some of them even have Florida Panther season tickets, but then when the Rangers come to town they switch jerseys. Fuck that and fuck you! I know the tears were flowing down your face when you shut your TV off, walked back to your room and saw that $160 Aleksander Barkov jersey hanging in your closet. Just imagine the mood you’d be in today if you weren’t such a goofy! 

The NFL is different. If you didn't grow up going to Dolphins games, I get it. But don’t sit here and go to 20 games a year for 15 years and then put on the opp's jersey when they come to town. You grew up on a beach and in flip-flops; you never shoveled snow a day in your life. As much as you want to be, you’ll never be from New York. It’s too late now, though. Pack your bags and stay there. Please don’t pull out your Barkov jersey if the Cats win this series. Instead, turn into the biggest hater. Sell those season tickets to the real fans who ride and die with this team. Fuck you and fuck New York.