EA Sports Has Finally Given Ohio State A Highlight (3 Seconds Long) In Their Gameplay Trailer

So Ohio State fans have been bitching and moaning about the NCAA '25 trailer since the day it was released. Seems a little over the top to care that much about a video game trailer, but I do see their point. Ohio State's 3 mentions in the initial drop were:

1. Getting stiff armed by Michigan 

2. Immediate jump cut into Kyle McCord in a Syracuse jersey

3. Illinois holding up the Illibuck Trophy meaning they BEAT Ohio State (and if you look at the scoreboard, it shows 52-42 Illinois)

And it's not just a coincidence that Ohio State got the raw end of 3 clips in the short trailer, as an Investigative Reporter found out that the Senior Producer of the new game is a Michigan grad with Wolverine gear decking out his entire office.

ANYWAYS, just when Ohio State fans were finally getting over the orchestrated attack, a new gameplay trailer dropped this morning. And while Big T blogged how excellent it is, it must be pointed out the biggest jaw dropper is how Ohio State finally got a positive highlight!!!!

A full 3 seconds worth.



Now I will admit, I zoomed in as far as I could to see if those fucks down at EA actually gave us a toe dragging reception, or if they made it an Incomplete Pass. Turns out it's real. Turns out it's the same catch Emeka Ebuka made in the Spring Game. Turns out that weak and feeble EA Sports gave in to Buckeye Nation's whining and gave them a (3 second) clip.

Ohio State greats are now rejoicing in the good news: