Madonna Is Being Sued By One Of Her Fans After Her Concert Subjected Them To "Pornography Without Warning"

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TMZ- Madonna is being sued by a dude who claims he was blindsided by all the sex stuff during her "Celebration" tour, claiming she should have given a heads-up to folks before they plunked down their hard-earned cash. Justen Lipeles filed a class action lawsuit, alleging he and others did not get what they bargained for.

He has a litany of complaints … her concert started more than an hour and a half late, she was lip-syncing during parts of the show, and she had the air conditioning turned off which resulted in sweltering conditions that caused him and others to become physically ill. He says Madonna blew off the heat complaint, telling people to just strip down.

But then the lawsuit gets all sexual … Justen claims he and others were subjected to "pornography without warning" … "forced to watch topless women on stage simulating sex acts." He said the show felt like he was watching porn.

I'll admit it's been years since I studied law, specifically 30 years ago when I did a mock trial about if Humpty Dumpty was murdered when he fell off the wall then immediately realized the amount of work and bullshit required to become a lawyer wasn't for me. But I feel like this Madonna fan is suing Madonna for putting on a typical Madonna concert, no?

I have never been nor will I likely ever go to a Madonna concert. But around the time my dreams of practicing law died, Madonna was pumping out shit like this in the early 90s when you never saw anything like it on TV.

Obviously the world has only gotten crazier since then, with Madonna following suit considering these were the first two Barstool blogs I found when I searched her name.

Which is why I have to ask this Justen character what the fuck he thought he was going to see when he bought those Madonna tickets. Because if I went to see a Madonna show, I'd expect any and everything to be on the table when it comes to pornographic content. Sex, bondage, donkey shows. You name it. I'd honestly be prepared to see stuff that isn't even allowed on Pornhub or something my boring suburban brain can't even think of. 


I won't even get into complaining about a world famous performer starting her show late, let alone someone that calls herself MADONNA. The air conditioning stuff is a fair gripe though. Turning off the AC in a public place should land you at least a decade in the clink since there is no reasonable excuse for subjecting people to that.

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Also I would never trust anybody named Justen. Justins are the best. Justens are the worst.