The Usyk v Fury Rematch Is Set For December

As a big boxer myself (1-0 RnR), I'm fired up for this rematch. I wish I got a rematch vs Canseco, or I wish AB would see me in the ring 



but for now Usyk v Fury will have to do.

The rematch was initially expected to take place in October, but it has now been pushed back to December 21, 2024, during the Riyadh Season. This may also be because Usyk's jaw was broken in the fight and we all saw the breaks being beat off Fury. 

I mean Fury won a lot more rounds then people give him credit. He got beat the fuck up and dropped on the ropes but he hung the fuck in there. Usyk had to try to KO him after the 6th because there was no way he was going to decisively win a decision. It was a great strategy that paid off to try to not stand with him but just try to knock him down at least once. 

I don’t know how Fury bounces back from this. Does he rise to the occasion after his first loss or does he crumble under the pressure and retires? Does he lose these two fights and call it? I could see this one just be a close decision that goes to Fury to set up a third fight. Usyk wants the big money fights and needs the PR to help Ukraine's support.