WATCH: We Have A New Video Of Scottie Scheffler Talking To A Cop After Getting Arrested, Basically Confirms The Shitshow Of The Whole Situation

How the hell are we just seeing this video now? I know it's on Facebook but come on, this is where the big time J's need to use that portion of the Internet. Besides that point, this is basically just another video that shows the shitshow from the Scottie arrest and how it could have been handled normally. You can't see Scottie here, voice is pretty clear and he's talking to a different cop - not Detective Gillis. And no, somehow we still don't get to see the $80 pants ruined beyond repair. 

First off, we can agree how dumb it sounds when someone tells you 'whether it's a cop or not, if someone tells you to stop, you stop' right? We're all adults here, we all know how the rules of the road work. You're not just randomly stopping for someone in a yellow vest in the dark and running late for a tee time when the gate to the PGA Championship is open. This isn't some asshat looking for a place to park, this is the No. 1 golfer in the world showing up for work. 


If you want to argue Scottie agrees he doesn't stop, fine. But, remember, we're talking about a felony charge here for all of this. That's the most outrageous part. At the same time if you want to take that side, Scottie also says Gillis identifies himself as a cop, reaches in the window, hits him in the shoulder with a flashlight and demands him to get out of the car. Seems pretty easy to say hey I'm police, you can't go this way, what are you doing, stop for a second and let's figure this out. 

Kinda fitting this comes out today though, which is the day people think the case gets dismissed: 

Just an absolute shitshow of a situation all the way around.