An Investigation Into Whether Or Not Infamous NFL Twitter User Dov Kleiman Sold His Account

One of the most mysterious users on NFL Twitter has always been Dov Kleiman. For years, people wondered who was this infamous user who never showed his face? In 2023, the NY Post found out more about the 30-something man who lives in Israel, who amassed close to 200k Twitter followers from being an aggregator. For those unfamiliar with the term aggregator, Dov would post all of the best stuff from all of the NFL…whether it be videos, quotes, or what not. He wasn't a reporter….as much as he reported the news. 

Every now and then, Dov is the focus on Twitter drama. Earlier this year, it was thanks to our very own Will Compton:

The Baby Gronk post was weird by Dom…he never dove into non-NFL-related content, except for the occasional CFB tweet. For him to post about Baby Gronk just felt…off. 

Then I started to notice his tweets from the offseason….very click baity:

And another one from Mahomes arriving at OTA's:

I speculated just last week that Dov hired a new "ghost writer" for his account…


And then yesterday, Dov speculated that Mark Davis impregnated a 26-year-old. People were not happy with this:

In the past, Dov was not really one to tweet on something like a rumor of Mark Davis and a 26-year-old. Everything just felt off about the account. Does it really matter that I had a weird feeling about it? Of course not, but this is NFL Twitter drama, the type of stuff I live for. It's inconsequential and hilarious. 

On Thursday night, before the Mark Davis drama, I was reached out to by one of Dov Kleiman's internet friends (hilarious sentence). This source, who I trust, believes that Dov Kleiman sold his account back in December of 2023. This lead to this tweet today by myself:

Awful Announcing later backed up the speculation of his account being sold:

Awful Announcing can, however, confirm that the Dov Kleiman account shared private messages with media members in late 2023 that he was on the verge of selling his account.

Awful Announcing also pointed out the increase in ads from Dov's account, which is not a surprise considering the account's impressions would equal a lucrative opportunity. 


I am told that Dov began his love for the NFL thanks to Tom Brady and that was the original purpose for the account. He would report on Brady/Patriots news, but realized he could expand to all football news. During the 2023 season, Dov realized his love for the NFL was quickly fading. Why? Tom Brady had retired and the league was not the same without him. That's when he decided to sell the account.  

(The hilarious aspect of this is not lost on me)

What does this mean for the ecosystem that is NFL Twitter? Not much. Dov Kleiman was never a real reporter, so the aggregation is going to continue, except with the idea of going viral more. That is why we have seen an uptick in posts like the Mark Davis one and asking questions about teams/players with a meaningless OTA video attached. More impressions equal more retweets and favorites which means you can sell ads at a higher rate. I'd assume Kleiman's account went for a high rate….somewhere between $75,000-$125,000 (may be lower considering that Dov didn't shop it around for long). Now it's time for the buyer to make that money back and then some. 

The game is the game.