Kylie Kelce Deals With An Annoying Drunk Girl Rudely Asking For Photos Of Her And Jason, "You're Embarrassing Yourself"

Absolutely incredible stuff coming out of Sea Isle City, NJ this past weekend. I saw a tweet a few days ago saying that there were many bystanders, and there would be a video coming out of Kylie Kelce bitching out some drunk girl for harassing her and Jason for pictures in the middle of the street (rightly so), and I've been on the lookout. The result is even better than I imagined. Let's break down Kylie's bitch out style:

1. Have the facts

This girl was apparently harassing these two in the MIDDLE OF THE STREET, which Kylie so graciously reminded her. As always, celebrities are not animals in a petting zoo, they do not exist solely for your entertainment, and people in this world feel FAR TOO COMFORTABLE asking for photos these days. Another fact, "I can smell the alcohol on your breath, you're embarrassing yourself." TELL US KYLIE! Air out this drunk bitch's laundry! She ran up on the two of them, probably blacked out and covered in bar tar from too much time at The OD, and that makes her entitled enough to not only interrupt their night, but infringe on their privacy and threaten their "good standing" within the town? Get the fuck out of here.

2. Be taller than your opponent

A personal favorite perk of mine, Being Tall. Kylie Kelce is a TALL GIRL. Combine that with some wedges and a KILLER skirt with a slit up the side? Run for your fuckin' life. I wouldn't come at Kylie for ANYTHING, but I especially wouldn't come at her if I'm some 5 foot nothing, drunk, obnoxious nobody. 

3. Stand on business 

This dumbass, who seems to think she is the Queen of Sea Isle City, NJ, tells Kylie "you'll never be allowed in this town again." Oh, really? The town they've spent their entire lives in? The town that everyone loves them, and treats them like they're regular people? Their home away from home? They won't be allowed back in the town for....not taking a picture with this spoiled fucking brat? I have no idea how old this girl is, but I'm just glad Kylie was here to put her in her place. She got right back up in her face, zero fucks about who was watching, and gave her exactly what she needed. If I were Kylie, hands would've been thrown but thankfully our Queen kept a cool head and displayed one of the best responses any celebrity could've had with this situation. 

Snaps all around for Kylie. I wish more people would do this to the INSANE "fans" who think this is acceptable in any way. I hope THIS GIRL is afraid to show her face in Sea Isle moving forward. FOR SHAME!