Nicki Minaj Was Apparently Arrested When She Landed In Amsterdam

This was a wild ride, Nicki Minaj was arrested when she landed in Amsterdam for her concert. When you see this video you really don't know why so I just went to her twitter to see if she had any updates. It seems like the cops wanted to get her to her concert which was funny during that video. 

Alright I am on Nicki's side this little guy would make me so angry. They looked in her bags more because she was filming is some bullshit. Now this is why she is funny as shit. 

Just an all time tweet. Just going at people saying they are mad she is successful and sabotaging her tour I stand with Nicki! Stop fucking with her tour let her go and be successful. 

This was more of my angle, isn't like everything legal in Amsterdam. This is all alleged I don't know shit but if she had weed in her luggage that would be the softest arrest of all time. I feel like they beg you to smoke weed in Amsterdam. Instead of water they just give you a joint and if you don't smoke it they arrest you. 


I just wanted to show the people that they are trying to take down Nicki Minaj For Nonsense and we won't have it.