RIP To The Legendary Mirage Casino In Vegas



Some casinos close and nobody gives a fuck. Like the Trop, who cares, fucking dump.

Some casinos *could* close and people would cheer. Excalibur? Fuck it. Circus Circus? Bomb it. The Luxor? Blast it to the moon.

But the The Mirage is special. It's always been Vegas and the fuckin' Mirage. 


Giphy Images.


After anyone watched Rounders, it was where you wanted to play. 



And the volcano. That fuckin' sweet volcano.



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Now, I am a believer in "new is always better". Not always, but I always understand why old properties must die so new ones can flourish. And you gotta believe the Hard Rock Hotel with the guitar is gonna be unbelievable. 



I haven't been to the one in Florida but apparently it's the best.

Mark Brown. Getty Images.

So while it's sad we are losing the Mirage, I'm excited for what comes next. The great circle of life. Namaste.



PS: If you haven't seen The Beatles LOVE show at the Mirage, no better time than now! It's great. But not as good as Absinthe, which is the best show in Vegas and probably always will be.