Enough is Enough, We Should Not Be Killing Bears For Attacking Hikers

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WTOP - State officials say authorities killed the wrong black bear following an attack on a hiker at Douthat State Park. The Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation say DNA test results indicated that the bear’s DNA profile didn’t match the profile of DNA collected from the hiker’s clothing. The agencies said Thursday in a joint statement that the bear was found close to where the incident occurred in a remote section of the park. They say the bear matched the description of the animal that attacked the hiker on Aug. 8. The hiker, Laura Cooksey of Midlothian, was treated for injuries at a local hospital. The park has conducted information campaign since the incident to education visitors about bear safety.


I’ve never been more team anything than I am #teambear right now. Can you believe this shit? They killed the wrong bear! BULLSHIT. Pure, grade A bullshit. I blogged about it here how a hiker was all up in Bearland in Yellowstone so now they want to find and kill the bear. Like the bear did anything besides be a bear. I’d be more worried if the bear gave the hiker a high five and gave him a recommendation on where to eat in the area. “Oh yea, that place is ok but don’t get the burger.” But instead the bear did what was expected of bears, did what we’ve been taught about bears since day 1: they eat A LOT. They weigh a billion pounds. They hibernate like Gs all winter like I could only dream of doing. I’d swap lives with a bear in a heartbeat. But you can’t tell me the second a human comes across my path and I eat him then I die. It’s fair game out there. We have those asshole dentists going around killing animals, only fair if bears get to protect themselves. Don’t go creeping around a bear’s territory if you aren’t willing to be eaten. It’s really that simple. So fuck you to whoever killed the wrong bear, fuck you if they are going to kill the right bear, and fuck this killing bears thing all together. Team Bear for life. Besides Jay Cutler. He sucks.