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Pizza Place In Hot Water After Employee Writes "Fried Hard Like A Black Dick" On Customer's Receipt

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NBC - A local woman is outraged after she says she received a vulgar receipt when she ordered from a South Jersey pizza shop. “I just had to shake my head because I couldn’t believe it,” said Loretta Smith Layne of Bridgeton, New Jersey.  Layne told NBC10 she placed an order for wings back on July 25 at Danny’s Pizza Pizzazz on Burlington Road in Bridgeton.  “I ordered wings fried hard,” she said. Layne says she was shocked when she saw the receipt attached to the delivery bag. Underneath the “special instructions” on the receipt were the words, “Fried hard like a black d***” and “d***.” “I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt,” she said.   NBC10 spoke to a manager at Danny’s Pizza who Layne claimed took her order. The manager denied the receipt came from Danny’s Pizza and then directed us to his father, Danny Sommeling, the owner of the shop. Sommeling told NBC10 he was unsure where the vulgar receipt came from.  However, Layne later showed NBC10 text messages she claims came from Sommeling, in which he apologized to her for his son’s choice of words, saying he made a bad decision that was “definitely not professional.

Its the year 2015. You know what that means? It means people LOVE Receipt Outrage. Its one of the internet’s favorite things. A coffee shop employee or a waiter writes some racist or insensitive shit down on a receipt, customer posts it on the internet, and the PC police go nuts for it. Its one of the most ridiculous trends the internet has going at the moment. Like the fact that this is an actual statement uttered by an adult:

“I was very offended and upset and disrespected to get those words on a receipt”

is simply a joke. But its the world we live in now. So as a pizza place employee you gotta know when you can and cannot make Racist Receipt Jokes. For example, if I walk into Danny’s Pizza and order a small pie and on my receipt it says “Pepperoni Pizza – Small…Like his Irish dick” I am laughing it off. Probably tweet out a picture of it saying how funny it was. Everyone would love it. White Irish people would get a kick out of it.

But “Fried hard like a black dick” to Loretta Layne is not gonna fly. You’re gonna get slammed as a racist 100 times out of 100 for that. It doesnt matter that its a harmless receipt. It doesnt even matter than someone who orders wings fried “hard” is an asshole who deserves to be made fun of. You just have to know that saying that on a black chick’s receipt is gonna backfire.

Even though the Dad reached out and told her that his son’s behavior is “unexpectable” the damage is already done.