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Chris Mortensen's Quote About The Incorrect Reporting Regarding Pats Filming Rams Super Bowl Walk Through Shows What A Hypocritical Douchebag He Is

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“Other media outlets including ESPN, had this allegation and pursued this allegation for months, and it just didn’t meet the standard in terms of what you needed to report it, and the Boston Herald evidently felt they had met the standard to report it. They need to come out and say, ‘We stand by our story’ or they need to have a retraction and apology and deal with the consequences of it, but certainly it’s damaging to the Boston Herald at this point, especially if they stay silent on the subject.”


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Well, would you look at that. At one point in his life, when it wasn’t about him, Mort actually had some real journalistic integrity. He thought just ignoring a lie made a news source look bad. He thought when you were used as a puppet and announced a total and complete lie then you should speak up and own it, one way or another. Can we get someone at ESPN to slide this quote under his door every 5 minutes until he says something? Let’s go all crazy ex-girlfriend on him. Post it all over the door to his office, glue it to his car, fly banners over his house. Every second of every day I want Mort reminded of the time when he was actually a respected journalist and not a mouthpiece for the NFL.


Editors Note – Do people see the hypocrisy of Mort bashing one lie about the Patriots, then spewing a different lie about the Patriots for the exact behavior he condemned, while ESPN simultaneously apologizes for another ESPN analyst spreading the very lie that Mort originally chastised while still ignoring the current lie that Mort started and is the same exact thing as what Tomase did in the first place.   To quote a great philosopher……It’s BANANALAND