Big Bolt Of Lightning Strikes An Airplane As It Sits On The Runway



Just when I think I’ve become comfortable with flying, I go and see something like that.  I’ve flown more in the past two years than I had the previous 24 years of my life combined. By a lot.  Before that, every time I flew I would have a minor panic attack in the airport.  My palms would sweat waterfalls and it felt like I was gonna have a heart attack right there on the runway.  Which I honestly would’ve preferred over flying.  Drinking didn’t even really help because it felt like I was gonna throw it right back up.  Now? It’s nothing to me.  I’m a world traveler.  I’ve been everywhere, man. Mr. Jet Setter.  Whenever I get on a plane now my only thought is “Just get me home/get me to where I’m going.  Let’s get this bucket of bolts off the ground” instead of “Please don’t crash please don’t crash please don’t crash.”  At least that was until I watched that video above.  Now we’re back at square one.  I never wanna step foot on a plane again.  Not sure how common it is for planes to get hit with a lightning bolt is but that scared the shit outta me. If that happened to a plane I was on I’d need new underwear. I’m gonna John Madden it from here on out and take a bus everywhere.