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According To Londoners, The Thing That Makes Them Happiest In Life- Happier Than Sex, Family, and Money- Is Having a Short Commute To Work

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Independent - According to a survey of over 10,000 Londoners by Time Out, one of the largest factors that related to improved wellbeing was a short commute. Wellbeing was on average 8.3 per cent higher among people with a short commute; more important than having had sex in the past week, calling their family or earning more than average wage. In addition, Londoners who said they felt ‘almost always’ happy on average had a nine minute shorter commute than those who were ‘almost never’ happy. Time Out found that every ten minutes spent commuting reduced a participant’s wellbeing by one per cent.


Yes. Preach my brothas. I talk about it with my friends all the time- I have no idea how they do the morning commute. When I lived in NYC I lived up at the 125th St East Harlem stop and commuted down to the WTC stop. 45 or so minutes 1-way, every day. And the trains were NEVER on time. So after doing that for a while, and now working from home, there is a 0% chance I can go back to that life. None. In DC it’s either take the Metro where you’re squeezed up against someone’s dick while fat black ladies push their way onto an already packed train, or drive on the beltway in bumper to bumper traffic while the sun blinds you. I’d sooner take a bullet to the brain than deal with any of that ever again. It blows my fucking mind how long of commutes people do. Where do people find time to do anything else? Working at home I can go food shopping, do random household chores like laundry, shit like that. People who commute an hour a day wake up extra early, grind the cube life all day, drive an hour home, and then are expected to do real life shit. God forbid you want to go to the gym or eat dinner. There’s just not enough hours in the day for people with long commutes. It’s mind blowing. So 100000% having a short commute is the best thing in life. Everything else revolves around the short or non-existent commute. Besides sex. People do sex? Yeah right.

PS: I’ve lived in 3 major cities- DC, New York, and I studied abroad in London. The Tube in London is by far the most reliable of the 3 mass transits. It puts the Metro and NYC’s Subway to shame. The Tube is always on time, people don’t fuck around and swing like animals from the poles, and it usually doesn’t smell like piss. And everyone who lives there STILL hates being on it. That’s how much work sucks.