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Shout Out To This Bear That's Just Chillin In Somebody's Backyard Hot Tub



All I can think about when I see videos or pictures of bears is how much I wanna hang out with one.  Maybe get myself a real bear hug one day.  I don’t think at all about the countless stories of humans getting ripped to shreds and having their brains eaten out their skulls.  Those people all either approached the bear wrong or were in their territory when they shouldn’t have been.  It’s always the humans fault when a bear eats them alive.  I firmly believe that.  I feel like I have the perfect body type and calming demeanor that would fit right in with the bears.  They wouldn’t even notice I was different.  I’d slip into their circle and they’d just think I was one of them and I’d be in for life.  That’s something I’ve actually thought about.  Like that bear in the hot tub for instance.  Guarantee I could slide into that hot tub and it’d all be gravy. We’d be splashing around like bears do.  People who don’t want an actual bear hug from a real life bear are the weird ones imo.  I’ve said it before but if there was a 90% chance that a bear would kill me when I tried to give it a hug, I’d take those odds all day. 10% chance for the best hug of my life.