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Mid-Week Eagles Fix With All The Birds Material You Can Eat


We did this mid-week roundup last year because there’s a ton of Eagles material out there and most of it doesn’t warrant its own post. So here is everything going on in one spot. Go Birds.

St. Timothy of Tebow reportedly broke up a fight during practice between the Eagles and Ravens players.

The good Birds defense got the better part of the Ravens offense this week during practice.

Bo Wulf is bouncing. Sad.

Jordan Matthews catches balls on his back better than you, unless you’re Tony Romo taking them to the face:

I love this kid, Eric Rowe. Fearless already:

Oh. Marcus Smith carted off the field today. Well that’s that:

The Nigerian Nitrous and Jordan Matthews getting it in together after practice. #Culture

Keyjon Barner getting DIRTY (kid might have to make the squad):

One year ago today, Chip Kelly floundered his way to freedom. Let’s end with the greatest GIF ever.