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I'm Not Impressed By This 12 Year Old Scoring a "Brilliant" Goal vs Other 12 Year Olds

You know why this isn’t impressive? Well I’ll tell you why this isn’t impressive. Because at 12 years old, there is always the 1 kid who is much better than everyone else. And that’s who you just saw. The kid who should be playing a league up. Like when they make the 300 pound 7 year olds play with the 10 year olds in pee-wee football to even the playing field.

When I played soccer (like every other kid who has ever grown up in Howard County) I stunk. Being a foot shorter than everyone else and weighing 34 pounds doesn’t translate to sports. But I got to play on the team with good players because my best friend’s dad was the coach. He made a super-team of all the best 12 year olds (and then ol’ me) and man, these kids were WAY better than the other 12 year olds. Pure domination. So sure, you have this 12 year old up in that video dipsy doo’in and doing fancy tricks and scoring from 20 yards out, but big deal bro He shouldn’t even be on that field. Let’s see that kid play with kids who can wipe their own asses and come back to me. Suck on that, show off.