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Team Portnoy Is Under Attack From The Inside!


Heaven's to Betsy! I haven't seen betrayal like this since Hogan joined the NWO! Since Benedict Arnold! Since "insert historical event here" happened! This might outweigh them all! Davey P is out in the streets fighting for his damn life, and I'm not talking about the skin cancer or the floppy tits, I'm talking about Michigan of course. He's fighting tooth and nail, day in and day out, trying to keep the good name of Michigan from being dragged through the mud for cheating, and then a member of his own Team Portnoy does THAT!



I'm going to be dead honest- if someone at Barstool did something so treasonous they'd be working at the Subway Sandwiches in Columbia Crossings before the sun set tonight.

I honestly do not know where Dave goes from here. I coulda told him Bryce isn't loyal to anyone, I've seen it with my own two eyes many times. But Dave is a lover. He sees the best in people. He wanted to believe Bryce was loyal to him, but no, Bryce is a clout chaser, always has been, always will be. 

Can't wait to see Bryce open up a Cheeseboy franchise, or at Julie DiCaro's next book signing, or maybe he'll just become the new CEO of Business Insider. With friends like Bryce, who needs enemies?