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Selling Sunset Star Claims Michael B. Jordan Is Not Good In Bed and I REFUSE To Believe That

SOURCE -  The “Selling Sunset” star revealed that Michael B. Jordan was not “good” in bed during the Season 7 reunion of the hit reality show. “Is Michael B. Jordan good in bed?” asked host Tan France while Tiesi was hooked up to a polygraph.“I’m going to be in so much trouble,” she replied, adding, “No.”

I refuse to believe this. REFUSE. There is no way that Michael B. Jordan is not good in bed. Those polygraph tests are low key a load of shit. They aren't real, they aren't usable in court so that means they can't be real. I'm pretty sure they just monitor your heart rate. She also just blew up his spot for absolutely no reason. Like c'mon, what did he do to you to deserve that? 

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin. Getty Images.

You're telling me that a man that looks like this isn't good in bed? Honestly though…guys who are that hot don't even have to be good in bed because they are so hot that women will sleep with them anyway. Like he doesn't need to know how to have good sex if he looks like that. I don't think this will ruin his image at all because he is so hot. Women will sleep with him anyway because 1. he is Michael B. Jordan and 2. HE LOOKS LIKE THIS 

George Pimentel. Getty Images.

That's all.