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The Bills Window Has Officially Closed

OH NOOOO BUFFALO WHAT HAPPENED??? I thought anybody can beat bad teams? Imagine being 5-4, season on the line, and you lose to Mr. Unlimited at home. HAHAHAHAHAHAH, you can't draw it up any better than that. As a Dolphins fan nothing makes me happier than seeing the Bills lose, but a tiny part of me almost feels bad for bills fans, and by a tiny part of me, I mean one of my pubes. 

Can you imagine how embarrassing it has to be to be picked as the Super Bowl favorites every year and you don't even sniff the big game? This team is a burning dumpster fire. Their offense is HORRIBLE! Josh Allen is overrated! Sure, Josh will make 2-3 plays a game that will make your jaw drop, but he's also going to make 3-4 plays that lose you the game, which is exactly what he did tonight! In fact he's done it all year and every year since 2018!

Say what you want, but the truth of the matter is that the Bills have NEVER lived up to the hype. Yes, they dominated a dog shit AFC East over the last 3 years, but what has come out of that? ZERO Super Bowl appearances! They can't get past Mahomes, or Burrow. And now that the Dolphins actually have a good football team, consider the Bills and all their Super Bowl dreams dead!