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It Only Took 48 Seconds To Get The First KO Of The Night At UFC 295


The company's 30th anniversary card at the Garden got off to a crazy exciting start when Jamall Emmers knocked out Dennis Buzukja in just 48 seconds - and then Joshua Van beat Kevin Borjas in an absolute barnburner to follow that up.

I like Buzukja a lot and was actually rooting for him here - he fights outta the Ray Longo camp with Aljamain Sterling/Matt Frevola/Nazim Sadykhov/etc - but Emmers landed that right hand directly on the button and had the place going wild early. 

Hopefully Nazim can beat Borshchev and turn the vibes around for that team before the STEAMROLLA hits the octagon....

In the Joshua Van/Kevin Borjas fight, we watched Van rip body shot after body shot on the way to a unanimous decision victory - and I swear I wanted to puke up my arena chicken tenders and fries after seeing that many punches to the gut in a row. 

I think body shots and leg kicks discourage me from ever trying MMA more than even the worst head kick knockout. Is that crazy?

I was about to wrap this blog up, but Jared Gordon just landed a HUUUGE knockout and then gave an inspiring ass post-fight speech afterwards, and you gotta see that….

I know we had our differences when Gordon fought Paddy the Baddy, but how could you not root for that guy? From shooting heroin in Penn Station to knocking guys out at Madison Square Garden. That's as big a come up as any.

Check out Jared's interview with Jerry from a few months ago to hear more about his story….