Dave Was The Surprise Guest At The Call Her Daddy Live Show And His Pop Sounded Like Stone Cold In His Prime


I read the caption and still wasn't ready for the size of that pop. If I didn't know better, I would think the glass shattered and Stone Cold Steve Austin was about to stomp a mudhole and walk it dry. I mean that is a god damn POP, I was waiting for the timekeeper to toss Dave a couple beers to chug. 



And man, shout out to Cooper for selling out 5k+ theaters. From editing her own audio/video to a $60 million Spotify deal and a huge live tour, she is crushing this career she paved for herself. If you recall those early episodes, she really put herself out there. I mean the shit she was saying was outrageous and graphic, but she saw a vision and ran with it and now is being called "the next Oprah". Pretty sweet, and really nice to see Dave there supporting her.