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The 5 Most Unbearable Characters from Game of Thrones

The NFL prime time games have been so fucking bad that I've started to rewatching old shows at halftime. I'm sorry but there should be a lawsuit against the NFL for how bad these games have been. If I was a military general and I was in charge of torturing a terrorist I'd just make them watch prime time football until they voluntarily flipped the switch on the electrical chair. There's no point in rewatching a bad show, so I decided to go with arguably the greatest show ever created, Game of Thrones. 

GOT is one of those shows that you have to watch more than once, especially if you're as slow as myself. There's so much shit you miss the first go around because it takes your brain 20 minutes to comprehend what you just saw. Plus, it never hurts to see the sex scenes again. Sorry, stupid smoke can't help himself. Anyway here's the 5 characters that made me want to decapitate them.

5. Little Finger

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You want to talk about a snake in the grass look no further than this piece of shit. Little fucking finger, you weasel rat, back stabbing mother fucker, I HATE you. Not only did your bitch ass get Eddard Stark killed because he stole your bitch, but you forced his daughter into marrying the sickest man on the planet. I'll tip my cap though, this scum bum fuck, finessed almost everyone he wanted to. At the end of the day it didn't work out, but he played the game, just in the most scum fuck way possible.

4. Melisandre & Stannis Baratheon

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I despise these characters so much that I just combined them. Lets start with this fire worshipping devil. This girl had Stannis by the balls, and she did it by selling him on the "Lord of Light." What the fuck is a Lord of Light, get the fuck out of here with that Mickey Mouse Club House bullshit. Although I fucking hate her, she did have a rocking body, but that's besides the point. Now, Stannis Baratheon, you baby back piece of shit. HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU GOING TO SET YOUR OWN DAUGHTER ON FIRE!?!? You selfish fucking coward. I could not believe he burned his daughter on a fucking stake as a sacrifice to sit on the iron throne. Fucking pathetic, you deserved to die.

3. Cersei Lannister

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Let me just get it out of the way, talk about a fucking smoke show. Cersei Lannister makes me sick. First of all, how you gonna sit there a fuck your brother? The first time I saw her fuck her brother I almost threw up. Then you have your brother push poor little Bran of a castle and try to murder him after it? Nahhh miss me with that shit. But again, I have to tip my cap, she did her thing, and got away with an easy death. 

2. Ramsey Bolton 

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You have any idea how sick you have to be to cut a mans dick off and eat it? Maybe he didn't eat it but he definitely cut that shit off. This sick fuck takes torturing to another level. Bolton literally brainwashed Theon into calling himself Reek. Do you have any idea how bad down you have to be to start calling yourself reek? Unlike Cersei, this piece of shit got what he deserved. Seeing him get mauled by those dogs brought joy to my heart.

1. Joffery

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And last but not least. The most unbearable character in TV HISTORY! Remember what I said earlier about making terrorist watching prime time games until they voluntarily flipped the switch on the electrical chair? Scratch that, just make them watch Joffery scenes on replay. This is why brothers and sisters don't fuck. Could you imagine being responsible for bringing this little piece of shit into the world? Fuck that. Watching him get poisoned and die was my favorite part of the entire show. Eat shit rodent!

Also, shoutout Daenerys Targaryen. She's one of those characters where you look up her age to see if you have a shot, even if you don't. I would let her ruin my life. Hottest TV character of all time debate a wall.